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Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, it’s all child’s play compared to this — the ultimate float package experience.

The Force is great and all, but we much prefer harnessing the power of The Float. Experience a package that is so amazingly good it’ll have you feeling like you’re chilling with Lando and Han at Cloud City.

Float Wars: The Empire Kicks Back

The Wizard

of Ahhhs

"There’s no place like float, there’s no place like float.” And you won’t have to click your ruby red slippers together to feel total relaxation.

"Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, and I’ma let you float, but I had one of the best mind-body relaxation experiences of all time. Of all time.” It’s always Yeezy Season with one of the most dynamic float packages around.

Kan ye Rest 

floating 101

“To chill or not to chill, that is the question.” Listen to Bill Shakespeare and get schooled with Floating 101 — a crazy good deal that allow you to enjoy 3 floating sessions for just $101 (a $124 savings).  

first time floater

You’re about to be part of an elite group (just .0008 percent of the world’s population has floated), and we wanted to give you a serious cash incentive. Your very first float is just $55 (a $20 savings). Light head. Fat pockets. It’s how we roll.



What Package Floats Your Boat?

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